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Dixon Glass is a family-owned and operated business. We are especially proud of the integrity and craftsmanship of our team. Through years of experience and working together, we have sharpened our skills in the industry, specializing in euro shower, glass railing, and mirror installations. With fifty years of experience, our ability to design and execute projects has become a strength.

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-Micah Marlowe


They have and continue to provide great quality and customer service. A few times we have asked for a project asap and they have helped us everytime.

Micah Marlowe / via Google Reviews

Having been a long time customer of Dixon Glass, I am so excited for the continuing venture with John Quist as the now sole owner. We go back over 20 years of working together on exciting projects. His talents, integrity and dedication to the job are unparalleled. I appreciate his loyalty and friendship. Never have I, not been amazed at the finished work. Always beyond the concept. I look forward to each new chapter.

Linda Rasmussen / via Google Reviews

Dixon is the best, every dealing I have had with them has been fair to the point that I feel like I owe them more money. Disregard the typical american reviews complaining that nobody is taking their tiny jobs. Guys, just go home depot if you need your hand held every step of the way Dixon is a real glass company.

SMH EMP / via Google Reviews

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